Allen Lambert

Age         // 22

Website  //

Twitter    // afliii

Email      //

Roles     // Leader/Writer/Designer

Sam Dahlheim

Age         // 22

Website  // flickr

Roles     // Lead Artist/Writer

Dan Kobylarz

Age         // 22

Website  // soundcloud

Roles     // Sound Engineer

    Such a big team right? Notice we’re all the same age. Something else we have in common is that we’re all pursing an education and we’re all planning to land careers in the gaming industry. Sam and I (Allen) went to the same high school. I always admired his work so who better to ask to join the team? He and I were the first members of Broken Limits and we’re still here. Dan is an excellent sound engineer with a ton of experience as well. I admire his enthusiasm for games and love for music.


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