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Cubicle Chimera Updates by Tyler (he thinks he’s a programmer)

An update! Team BLM’s still alive?!! Yes were still alive, the gossip ghouls haven’t come for us yet and we’re still furiously bashing our keyboards until something productive happens. So what have we been up to you might ask? Well…

  • Spanking new level art.
  • A ton of new co-workers just waiting for you to slip into insanity.
  • More new obstacles for you to trip over.

Enemies and Obstacles

A total of two new enemies have been fully implemented into the game with another 6 drooling to get added. As of now the two currently in the game are the Fat Zombie and the Accounting Dracula.

These devious two are the standard walk up and attack type of enemies, but that won’t stop them jumping out at you when you’re at your most vulnerable.

As for the obstacles we now have boxes of unmentioned things and enough filing cabinets to file your heart out. They now drop lots of goodies such as paperclips, energy bars and a few extra 12.7mm staples just in case you run out.

Level art you say?

Yes Linda our level artist has been hard at work making creepy work areas for you to smash through including the devilish lunchroom from hell and the hallway of death, Sounds menacing right?  All of these levels are just dying to be packed full of friendly co-workers gone wrong. That’s now a total of five different level backgrounds planned out and in the works.

Other News

In other news we’ve now added 3 types of pickups including staple refills, energy bars (health) and Paperclips which will act as a point item. Dan our sound guy has been churning out sounds of unspoken evil and we’ve been doing a lot of bug fixing and finalizing before the beta release.

So with all that said we will continue pushing Cubicle Chimera out into the beta release so that we can all enjoy smacking our co-workers in the heads with staplers. Well we’ve got to go and smack our keyboards some more, so happy office looting.