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Cubicle Chimera Beta Release

It’s here! CubicleChimera.com┬áthe Beta version of Broken Limits Media’s (that’s us) first game is finally here! We thank you for your patience and ask that you drop what you’re doing and go play our game. That is all. Have a nice day. We’re only kidding. Sit down and read! Please.


Broken Limits Media would like to thank you for your patience and support for the development of Cubicle Chimera. Our team worked moderately hard on this game! So moderately hard that we are soo moderately exhausted. We’re going to stop smashing our keyboards and start working on a much bigger game. But, first we would love to take you through a short journey of what we have done with Broken Limits Media over the past/first year.

We started back in August of 2011 with two people. Allen Lambert and Sam Dahlhiem. Sam did the amazing image to the right by the way. The two man team set out to collect more humans and we did. However, some were inadequate, irresponsible, and some just left. We carried on and tried to get our first game off the ground. It never happened. So we moved on to Cubicle Chimera. Now, we had about 5 members including the first two. It stayed that way for a while and members still came and went, doing maybe little bits of code, a piece of an animation, or just giving their opinion and dropping off. We still carried on and finally got this game “done.” We consider this project done or on the back burner at the moment. We’ve decided to leave it as a beta until/unless we receive a fair amount of positive feedback and the desire from our players for us to develop Cubicle Chimera into something more exciting and greatly more playable than the beta. So if you do enjoy the game for what it is now, let us know and we will get you something much better. Although, we have just begun work on our second title, officially as of yesterday.

Hopefully we got most of the history stuff out of the way. Let’s move on to the future! After all, that’s what we live for anyways right? So Broken Limits Media is working on a new title called the Undead Castle. Undead meaning zombies and castle meaning large old structure with big bricks. Pretty obvious where we’re going right? Maybe not, so here’s some more. The castle you play in is a large, medieval castle/town. There should be homes, shops, a small marketplace, training grounds, tournament grounds, and other medieval structures in our castle town. But, the castle exists in a time when plague was prominent and terrifying. The player controls a servant of the Baron of our castle. When we let this servant roam about in the opening scene, the player will see the sickness and know there is something going wrong within the castle walls. The plague quickly mutates within the walls of the castle and kills the people rapidly, practically overnight. These people awaken, but not with life and not with souls. These are the undead, created by a terrible, unknown plague. So there’s your story intro! Imagine a zombie survival game where you have no automatic weapons, guns, explosives, or any modern device to assist you in a zombie apocalypse. Imagine already living in a time when you’re always worried about sustainable food, clothing, and even at times shelter from war, plague and other atrocities. What would you do? How would you survive? The Undead Castle will reveal the truth in your ability to adapt and survive. The game will be pretty realistic, with limited resources, only a small available inventory, un-unding waves of zombies that do not wait for you to gather yourself, and plenty more bonuses, secrets, and mysteries of the castle. You’re going to be alone with all of those zombies. You might as well snoop around the Barons room for his journal. Just make sure you stick a jousting pole through his undead head before doing your scavenging in his room!

zombie1Let us know what you think of this game. It will be released in a little more than a year (no official release date yet), with plenty of updates throughout development, and an Alpha and Beta release within that years time. That lovely creature to the left? She’s beautiful right? Linda Lagzdina, our concept artist, created that wonderful, flesh eating cutie. Linda will be generating a good feed of images like this one. She’s always telling us “Oh. This is a sketch. I will clean it later.” If that’s a sketch imagine the finished product.

We’re really excited about this game. We’ve done a lot of recruiting and screening for our new members. We have gone from about 5 active members to 12. We’re sort of doing a Noah’s arc kind of thing here. Two of every animal. Now that we’ve got them on the boat we need to start producing Work. We need to produce work. We’re ready for the next big survival game. Are you?

We plan to use KickStarter.com to beg for funds to make this game have an edge over its edge! We’re going to release it to Steam via Steam Greenlight and hopefully at minimum release it to Xbox Live Indie Games, but even better we would like to aim for Xbox Live Arcade. Releasing to Steam will not cost much, but for Xbox we will need licenses from Unity 3D which may cost a few thousand. The primary reasoning for using KickStarter.com to attempt to raise money: Free, harmless, profitable exposure. We can upload our project concept to KickStarter.com, hear what you think about it, get more exposure via the website, “sell” or reward Backers game related products to earn development money, and if the project is not fully funded (so we can finish it) then the money is not rewarded to us. We’re excited about what KickStarter.com can do for us in terms of exposure and financial stability.

That should do it. You now know most of our secrets. Please come to the following address so we can dispose of your brain for security purposes. We will make sure to put it to good use, as zombie food. Thank you everyone! Thanks for your support. Thanks for your time and attention to our hard working, serious, go-getting team! Please visit blmdev.com Facebook.com/brokenlimitsmedia, and follow us at twitter.com/BLMdev to keep up with our development. Thanks.