Broken Limits was started in August 2011 with two members, Allen (me) and Sam. We have undergone some growing pains, but we’re finally in a comfortable position. Every member of the team has joined with the same common goal: to build games within a small team, to learn and understand game development, while building a portfolio for a career in the gaming industry. So our dreams are the same. We’re all learning new things and we’re all getting an education related to game development.

I plan for us to build on our success and start a small business out of what we’re doing. We’re all within reasonable distance to one another and I’ve truly considered inviting all members to work in an office in Maryland if we can build the funds to do so. Support us if you would like to see Broken Limits succeed and if you’d like to play interesting games.

Keep checking in to see what we’re up to and how far we’ve come. We’re currently working on games built using the Unity 3D engine, since we had a transition in our team structure (we have no programmers).  The three members of our team will wear more than one hat, but the more pressure the better. This whole thing is a learning experience for us all. So watch out for our web browser games to be released soon.


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