Unden: Land of the Undead

Another update from the team. We’re developing placeholder items, concept art, and we’re building our storyline every day. Here’s a taste of what Allen Lambert has been working on:

[quote]In a castle-town called Ryhart, in the region Unden, during the height of a vicious plague known as The Sickness, the people are overtaken. The Sickness mutates human behavior by unknown ways, inducing savage, mindless behavior and cannibalism. The people living in Ryhart are dying due to The Sickness, and when dead they come back as what the living refer to as The Undead. The Sickness overcomes most of Unden. In Ryhart, the Baron’s (Tejn Ohren) servant, Ekorr, seeks to carry out his servitude to his master and Ryhart by opposing the undead. He is bound to his master through diligence and obedience and feels compelled to save his master. Ekorr had been underestimated by knights and noblemen in the past, proving himself in guard’s training events. With a dream to become an honorable knight someday and his companionship and diligence to Tejn Ohren, he was given privileges unknown to other servants. With this close relationship, Ekorr learned basic skills in areas such as small weapons combat, strategic planning, and small medicine techniques. He is now prepared and determined to continue his service to the Baron and Ryhart. He is destined to reclaim The Undead Castle. [/quote]

2men sketch

So that’s a bit of the opening story in short. The programmers are working on things like the undead AI (artificial Intelligence to make them walk around and act “alive”), castle and town procedural generation (so that the rooms and town homes will spawn differently when a new game is played), and general necessary gameplay features like HUD and other GUI. Tyler O’Brien and Josh DeCent are making sure to slam their keyboards extra hard when programming the game! They say it helps with the bugs or something! Meanwhile, the modeler/animators have rolled out placeholder items like a stand in sword, torch, crossbow, and an undead. The audio guys have laid out two tracks to pleasantly spook they players as the undead creep towards them. The concept artists have been sketching some very nice conceptual characters and level designs. Linda Lagzdina’s “Lady and Knight” can be seen here in this post. We’re going to settle on a more precise graphic style for the game, but any concept art developed up till now is purely reference to the type of character and era/time style we’re going for. The game will have a somewhat illustrative/cartoonish look, but not so much that it feels like Borderlands. Think of “smooth” and “thick edged” graphics.

The game is making good progress, even with the holidays. Through this New Year, we will spark a new fire in Broken Limits Media and work diligently to finish a quality game! Thanks for keeping up with us. Keep checking back with us for updates and breakthroughs. Happy New Year everyone!


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