Gameplay: Any Suggestions?

Greetings friends! I’ve been working on the programming for our game (Cubicle Chimera [kimiera]) and I’m about to crank out a better design document as well. For those who do not know what the design document is: the Design Document is a layout of the features (single/multi-player, first-person shooter/2D side-scroller, etc.), the platform (XBOX, Mac, Android, etc.), the genre (role playing game, sports, shooter, etc.), and to wrap it up, it contains all of the information the development team(s) need to build the game. I’ve already created a fairly descriptive design doc, but it needs improvement and I’d be glad to hear from you guys.

As you may know, our game is about a guy named Ron. Average guy, average job, in an average office, with an average jerk boss. He hates his job, hates his co-workers, and hates his boss, but he cannot afford to leave. He is trapped, but what he doesn’t realize is that he is about to be trapped in more than one way. He starts daydreaming at work, about work, with a sick twist. His co-workers are now evil creatures within his mind and fantasies. He believes he must vanquish them to escape.

My job for you is to think of the kinds of people who could be transformed into creatures and carry one major annoyance over to this new creature character. Ex: Loud mouth Jennie is always complaining about her life, talking about how awful it was that she had to walk through a puddle this morning, you know stupid stuff like that. In Ron’s dreams he imagines her with an enormous mouth that could swallow up a small child. Loud mouth Jennie is now literally a Big Mouth! That’s what we’re going for. Any ideas?

The reason I ask is because I could come up with anything and throw it into the game, but the game is free and it’s kind of our first game. I want the opinions of the people who will play it. That way you will be able to see something you thought of or something you can relate to. ((Remember, we do not promote the idea of harming your boss or coworkers outside of digital, interactive entertainment ;D  )) Please leave feedback.


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One response to “Gameplay: Any Suggestions?

  • lifewiththekids

    A trash can man for that messy co-worker! Maybe he shoots garbage or pukes toxic waste.
    A blob creature for that lazy co-worker. He could put up obstacles that get in your character’s way and he needs to get around them to move on.
    You should also have one character that would report back to the boss (like a boss’s snitch and a brown noser) and make the boss throw more heat on you to make things tougher. The “heat” could be literal or figurative.
    btw great job! I’m proud of you, Mijo!<3

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