New Year, New Plans

Today Dan, Sam, and myself (Allen) had Broken Limits’ first meeting of the year. We discussed a lot of what we stunk at in our first four and a half months and we worked out what we need to do better in 2012. So incase the world ends later this year we can assure you that you’ll have the chance to play Cubicle Chimera before the end!

August 27, 2011 is when Broken Limits became an official team and started working on concepts, art, music, the works. We decided today to create a deadline for CC around the end of summer, so we’re going to launch our first title, Cubicle Chimera, on August 27, 2012 the anniversary of our birth. We’re probably going to work the hardest during the summer or right when spring classes end, but we have set such a distant date so that we can polish up the game real nice. I know, I say that like we’re coming out with some hugely exciting title right? Cubicle Chimera might not have you and your friends huddled around your desktop, but we guarantee it will have you interested if only for a few weeks. You will certainly remember it for its strange, unique style and Broken Limits’ first title.

In the first month of development we will build a prototype/alpha of CC. Within that process the following steps will occur: –Sam (artist) will design and animate our player and one enemy to oppose him (he has already designed an enemy!). –Dan (audio) will create strange enemy yelps and screeches, and general attack sounds, footsteps, background soundtracks, that sort of good stuff. –I will put together the skeleton of the project, through Unity. Once I have figured out how to make our character move around (I pretty much have) and attack enemies Sam and Dan can drop their work into the build and poof, we have a prototype! From there we beat out all of the lumpy globs and continue to add characters, storyline, GUIs, audio, etc. each with their own deadlines to keep everything focused and organized. If you have any questions feel free to comment. If you’re wondering what platform this game will be for: We will build Cubicle Chimera for the PC/Mac gamer with the intent to consider iOS and Android versions, depending on the complexity, funding, and demand. The original final build for PC/Mac will have around 10 levels for launch. Depending on our stats we may see the need to create more levels, characters, etc., but we’ll burn that bridge uh, later.

Keep up with the team here, our main website, and our Facebook.


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