Broken Limits new Blog!

Welcome to our new blog. We’re getting ready to start up a new project and we figured a blog would be nice for our followers to better understand what is happening and how long it will take. I (Allen) will be writing most of the blog. These posts will allow us to reach out to our friends (you) and you to reach inwards to see what makes Broken Limits tick!

I’ll begin with a team introduction.

Allen Lambert – team leader, web designer, game designer, Unity Javascript programmer (beginner)

Sam Dahlheim – lead artist, concept artist, character design, etc.

Dan Kobylarz – sound engineer, sound EFX, game music, etc.

We’re undergoing a reorganization process and will be up and running at full capacity around mid January ’12. This “reorganization” as I’m calling it consist of some personal resolve along with redirection in our primary goals/projects. You will notice from looking at our main website that we have done some work on a game titled Zero-G, however, we’re putting that game on hold as our lead programmer had to take a large break from the team. We have decided to go with using Unity 3D for our game engine since it contains everything we could ask for. I’m getting familiar with Unity and Dan already has a good knowledge of the program so we should do fine for our first few small games.

While on the subject, those “first few small games” will be just that. We’re going to eventually build larger more exciting titles, but for the time we will produce at least two games that feel extremely simple and at least somewhat amusing. They may not yield hours of fun for all ages, but they will let us learn Unity further and get more familiar with game development.

I personally have high expectations for what this team will do. Whether our games are successful or lacking, I promise to continue to learn and listen. My ears will hear what the gamers have to say, so if you’re one of them by all means speak up!

Thank you for taking an interest in our team and our projects. Stick around.



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